GLS provides storage services as 3PL for its dry, secured, managed storage space. The space is equipped with open or shelves storage lines where our staff manage the movement of goods to and from the docking areas for loading and transportation. This business unit is focused on creating operational programs tailored to specific market or client requirements. The programs can be temporary service as support requirement for the project or permanent as an answer to a niche rise in a specific industry

Warehousing Services
  • Shelving and rack systems that offer maximum storage capacity and easy product access.

  • Inventory control software that tells the product owner – who isn’t necessarily the building owner – where all individual units are in the system at all times.

  • Security to protect stored products.

  • Equipment that can move products from point A to point B – forklifts, pallet jacks, bins that hold products for orders, and conveyor belts, for example.