The services provided by this section are focused on local or international government requirements. The two major active programs are:

Government Services
  • High Risk Area Program

    This program covers activities in areas of high risk such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, and other disaster areas. The definition of high risk area under this program not only covers war risk but natural and man-made disasters as well. This program is not only responds to war-risk only but also to any situation with volatile conditions that increases life risk. Some of the services provided under this program are related to construction, asset leasing, PAX transportation, telecommunications, medical, vehicle maintenance workshop, Moral & Welfare & Recreation and Operations & Maintenance for plants such as water treatment, electrical production and fuelling.

  • National Program

    The program main focus is on operations that are located in Kuwait or with Kuwait government. This program caters for Kuwait government requirements locally or abroad, also it service foreign visiting military forces. Some of the services presented under this program include life support services, general procurement, telecommunications, special vehicles and medical services.