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Management System

GLS follows an advance management system that is based on the triangulation of outputs from project management, service levels and quality control parameters.

 Project Management

At GLS, we follow international standards of project management relating to both Project Management Institute (PMI) and PRINCE2. Our management team, uses project phase approach and is qualified to initiate, plan, execute, control and close projects successfully. Cost, time, scope and quality are the four main components that comprise GLS project management activities. Moreover, the team is versed in the knowledge areas of projects that enhance the organization of a project implementation. 


GLS provides its clients/customers with a well-defined charter for its performance. The charter is translated to Service Level Agreements (SLA) or Long Term Service Agreements (LTSA).


As quality is the core of GLS performance, the management team has assigned the task of quality monitoring to a team of experienced individuals per project.

The team follows a QC plan that details the scope, tasks, reports, processes, personnel, communications, frequency, thresholds of inspections. For each project, based on its SLA, quality benchmarks are co-formulated among the client and GLS QC team. These benchmarks are used in as key performance indicators for the project activities.