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About GLS

Message from the CEO/MD


The journey of building a company is full of milestones whether it’s financial, operational, market share or even internal developments. We at GLS define such milestones collaboratively with our clients and our services stems from the collective feedback we receive from our clients.  

 The services provided by GLS are an accumulation of knowledge and expertise that have evolved as we interacted with multiple sectors and industries around the Globe that have finally led us to  a core that is common across sectors, economies even geographical boundaries which is “Quality of Service”.

GLS operates in the logistics and specialty services industry. The logistics business unit supports client procurement, transportation and warehousing needs while specialty services business unit operates in the government and private industry space providing unique services directly guided by the client requirements to formulate custom support services.

Moreover, during the growth journey of GLS the management team identified parallel integrations to industry specific opportunities. Such growth was driven by acquisitions in the healthcare and telecommunication product distribution; also oil & gas and fine fabrication services. These businesses are complemented by GLS core competencies in its current offerings and management systems.

Our commitment to our core value is to all our current and future clients who are the reason behind our success. 

Thank you and look forward for our joint prosperous future.

Yours truly,